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SprayScan mSM

Mobile Sustainability Monitor

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With the right spray data, you have greater flexibility and control over your operations.

The SprayScan mSM monitors pressure, flow rate, and temperature of your spray process in real-time, alerting you when the spray process requires service by detecting worn and clogged nozzles.


Input your system's requirements and the Sustainability Monitor will notify you when your spray system is not operating as intended.

Tracking this data, you can detect clogged or worn nozzles, or more significant downstream issues.


With the mSM, you can:

  • Set the nozzle, number of nozzles and target pressure, flow rate, and temperature. The SprayScan mSM will warn you of any deviations in the targeted spray performance.

  • View large and colorful visual alerts that display the status of your spray process.

  • View measurement's history, providing insight into spray measurement trends.

  • Monitor anywhere through an online dashboard including detailed historical tracking of spray performance and optional email/SMS alerts. (Optional subscription service).


We created the SprayScan mSM so you can leverage the value of robust monitoring systems in a small, easy-to-use package.

See the SprayScan mSM in ACTION

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