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Mobile Test Chamber


The mobile test chamber provides a compact and contained spray area for nozzle testing and quality checks. 


With the SprayScan mTC, you can:


  1. Test production nozzles for quality control

  2. Visually compare the spray generated by different nozzles. 

  3. Evaluate spray pattern size, shape, and distribution (with a SprayScan mPT system) 

  4. Utilize the integrated recirculating pump to spray a nozzle with variable flow rate control

  5. Collect the sprayed material with spray dampening material and actively using the integrated suppression fan

  6. Spray a nozzle where you want, when you want, without a laboratory or a wet lab. 

Using the SprayScan mTC, you can perform nozzle quality control or testing  anywhere, and other SprayScan Suite products are designed to easily and quickly integrate for fast characterization. 

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Q&A Seminar


The Spray Analysis and Research Services technical library contains literature ranging from research papers, to technical demonstrations, and more.


Our YouTube page contains a variety of software demos illustrating how you can leverage the SprayScan software to best fit your unique process needs.


Our goal  is to help our customers do more with less. We make ourselves available to answer any questions or customize the software to meet your needs

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