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The SprayScan Suite

Bringing Spray Diagnostics Out of the Lab and into Your Hands

SprayScan Suite Products

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This portable system illuminates, captures, and evaluates a spray pattern, providing key insights on spray performance and distribution. While ideal for use in production and research facilities, our customers have also found success in assessing dispersed droplets/particles, comparing sprays, and performing quality assurance tests.

The SprayScan mSM, or Mobile Sustainability Monitor, enables you to monitor your Spray Processes closely and ensure that your equipment is working as it should.  This instrument constantly monitors Pressure, Temperature and Flow Rate, alerting you if they move outside of parameters that you set. 

With the SprayScan VOA (Virtual Overlap Analysis) software, you receive instant process improvements fueled by data taken directly from your application. With nozzle information from your line, the VOA software gives you an optimized header layout design specialized to suit your needs. View a demo now! 


Spray Analysis & Research Services, a division of Spraying Systems Co.

Spray Analysis and Research Services performs testing, modeling, prototyping and consulting for our spray application customers.


Our mission is to apply innovation principles to solve spray process challenges. As part of Spraying Systems Co., we operate one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art spray laboratories in the world. The SprayScan Suite is a series of diagnostic products available to customers wanting to apply these same innovative tactics in their applications. Visit or contact us to learn more.



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