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Advanced Micro Sprays, LLC

Micro Spray Deposition

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Our Team

Dorrin Jarrahbashi, PhD

Dorrin Jarrahbashi.jpg

Areas of research: computational modeling of energy systems, reacting and non-reacting multiphase flow, hydraulic behavior of supercritical fluids, along with experimental analysis of particulate sprays for bottom-up fabrication of functional nanostructures.

Published in many leading academic journals: Nature, Physics of Fluids and Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Her research is supported by industry, engine manufacturing industries and NSF.

Amir Asadi, PhD

Amir Asadi.jpg

Areas of research: scalable and fast processing-manufacturing of multifunctional nanostructured polymer composites with tailorable performance, additive manufacturing of polymer composites, fast and precise deposition/coating of multi-materials on substrates, process-structure-property relationship, and smart wearables.


Published in many leading academic journals: Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Applied Nanomaterials, and Composite Part B, etc.


His research is supported by NSF, Airforce, Navy, and Industry.

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